Present Patriotism of the world.

1. Introduction:    Patriotism is a noble virtue. Patriotism is love of and devotion to ones country. The word is derived from the Latin world ‘father’ and it literally means love of the fatherland or the land of one’s fathers. A true patriot is an unselfish lover of his country. His sincere desire is to serve its best interests in all ways possible to him. Robert browning expressed true patriotism in his words “Here and here, did England help me: how can I help England?” He is proud of his country: but just because he loves it, he is not blind to its faults. He does not hesitate to expose its sing denounce its abuses and if he thinks it necessary, criticizes its policies. He is more anxious that his nation should be right rather than it should be powerful. While he loves his own country first, he loves other nations too, and gladly recognizes their virtues and achievements.


2. Importance of patriotism: Love for one’s own country purifies mind, removes the narrowness of heart and helps one to be selflessly inspired. Man becomes immortal by loving his country and his patriotism him to face any odd challenge as fleeting and trivial. In 1971 the people of our motherland got spirited with patriotism and participated in the Liberation War without caring for their won lives. Our patriotic heroes fought with robust patriotism and thwarted the organized assault of the stronger Pakistani force. Titumir and Tipu Sultan were defeated by the British but their love for motherland is unparalleled. After the defeat, Titumir’s   dead body was saluted by the English General. The valiant tale of patriotic Khudiram of the then Indian sub-continent was an example for the contemporary juvenile heroes and till today Khudiram’s hanging by the British is reviewed with applause through singing. Value of an individual’s live is duly assessed with the magnitude of ths patriotism. The creed of politics is patriotism. But the selfish and ambitious role of todays is disappointing.


3. Patriotism and humanity:  Patriotism begets humanity. Only territorial defence or being brave fighter does not amount to real patriotism. Poroper service to the country and welfare of the people are the prerequisites of patriotism. A sign of patriotism is implied in the sword of Isa Khan. Rabindranath and Nazrul Islam kept patriotism high in there writings and songs. Actually everybody should perform his assigned duty and endeavour to contribute to the state welfare….

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