Pot Valet Anticipates the Rising Popularity of CBD Cannabis Products

Pot Valet is a leading provider of premium-grade cannabis in California. With its medical marijuana delivery service available to every city in the state, and soon the whole country, the company offers patients safe, legal, and discreet access to their medicine, eliminating their need to visit a cannabis dispensary.

According to Pot Valet, cannabinoid extraction products are more popular than ever. CBD Water, in particular, is fast becoming a bestseller. The company knows, as it has the largest CBD collection of any dispensary in the United States. Those looking for alternatives to smoking marijuana or using patches can still get all the medicinal benefits of it in CBD products.

Some cannabinoid infusions still contain THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana responsible for making you high. Others do not. THC-free CBD products are sought-after by those who do not enjoy the physical effects of cannabis, but because cannabinoids are the primary healing properties of pot plants, patients still get all the pain relief and health benefits of marijuana consumption.

Recently, Pot Valet launched its Nano CBD Water. It contains 2.5 milligrams of cannabinoids per 16 fluid ounces of water. There are two servings in a single bottle, which means that patients only need drink a half-bottle for an immediate, effective painkiller. Cannabidiol, the active CBD in this water, is a powerful relaxant and anti-inflammatory, and it contains no THC.

Unlike other marijuana products, Pot Valet’s Nano CBD Water will not make you high. Gestures like this one make the company favored by most patients in California. It is helping people throughout the state access their medicine safely, and it only provides the highest medical-grade quality. A quick visit to the company’s website shows many other CBD products on offer, as well.

Many people do not use marijuana because they find the mental effects unpleasant. Before CBD products, they would just avoid it. Now, these people can enjoy all the health benefits of cannabis without getting high. Some of Pot Valet’s other popular CBD products include capsules, topical creams and serums, oils, lip balm, sprays, inhalers, and even feminine hygiene products.

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