Popular Halloween maze, The 17th Door, relocates to Fullerton – Orange County Register

There is a cell block and a prison yard, a dungeon and a kitchen.

One of the maze’s rooms is simply called “Claustrophobia,” another goes by “Squeeze.”

After two years in Tustin, The 17th Door, an immersive Halloween haunted house with more than 130 cast members, opens Friday, Sept. 22, in Fullerton.

“We put so much into this,” said Heather Luther, who started The 17th Door in 2015 with her husband, Robbie. “We tend to go over the top and push and push and push as far as we can. …

“Even after opening weekend, we’ll still be working on it because we want to make it the best we can.”

The Luthers’ brainchild, which attracted 26,000 guests last year and will operate out of the West Fullerton Shopping Center through Halloween, features 17 rooms through which participants follow the chapters of an episodic story.

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