Popular Foosball Tables For Sale – Tornado, Sportcraft & Harvard

Top table soccer brands include Sportcraft, Harvard and the famous Tornado foosball table models.  Many of these can be seen at tournaments across the country and local businesses that have table games.  The foosball table parts that go into these hardy machines are top notch.  This is why most of the reviews on these tables by professional players and novices alike are positive.  People love foosball and table soccer in general.

One of the top tournament quality tables is a Tornado foosball table.  Tornado is an old company and is known for models such as the Sport, Elite, Classic and the Tournament 3000.  These table aren’t cheap.  This is especially true of the highest models which can for over  one thousand dollars.  It is definitely worth the money if you love the game.  The hardy wood and parts like rods and bearings will last a lifetime with proper care.

Sportcraft is another company that is no stranger to foosballers.  Their tables can be seen in many homes.  This is because they are more affordable and are made for the masses.  The Sportcraft Playmaker can be bought for less than one hundred dollars.  This is great for those just getting into the game.  There are higher end models like that Striker and the AMF Torino.  For the lower end models, you won’t get wood, but a less expensive plastic frame.  This decreases the price by quite a bit.  When you get better, saving up for the next model is the best choice.  You can even order one easily from their site which lists replacement parts, rules, and instructions all in one place.  This is what a true foosball manufacturer is all about.

When choosing a company, whether it be Tornado or any other, make sure to get some important accessories with your purchase.  This includes a foosball table cover.  This will protect your investment from dust and moisture.  Both of which can affect the performance of the rods and bearings over time.  Some table lube is a good idea to keep the…

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