Polysense Announces First Worldwide LoRa IoT Kit Initiative for Universities and Academic Institutions

LoRa IoT kit with 5 WxS 8800 sensor nodes, 1 GW, and iView

Polysense Technologies, Inc. today announced the launch of the first worldwide LoRa IoT kit program for enterprise research labs, universities and academic institutions. The “University IoT Program for LoRa® Connectivity and universal sensing” will provide students and researcher with the necessary tools and education programs to learn and apply new connectivity and sensor technologies. The program focuses on Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN) using LoRaWAN™. LPWAN is a wireless network designed for long range communications using low power consumption, long range, and low bit rate to connect a wide variety of “things.”

The announcement follows the recent success of its first co-hosted event, which took place at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The one-day event brought together students, faculty, and industry to identify a problem and build a solution utilizing sensors and LoRaWAN WxS 8800 sensor nodes, LoRa Gateway, and iView, from Polysense.

According to Research and Markets, the Low Power Wide Area Network market is growing at a CAGR of 90.03% during the forecast period 2016-2022. “The size of the LPWAN market and the opportunity it affords for the next generation is significant,” said Alex Wu, President of Polysense China. “By providing education and cutting edge IoT products and solutions, we provide an enormous opportunity for students and researchers and further promote new IoT ideas and applications. We are excited by the enthusiasm, creativity and designs from students, faculty, and researchers.”

“Given the infancy of the large-scale IoT revolution, many schools and academic institutions have yet to effectively incorporate these new ideas into their curriculums,” said Dr. Ping Yang, Professor at China National Institute of Metrology and executive director of China Acoustic Metrology Association. “Therefore, the opportunity to work alongside an IoT-based company, such as Polysense, is a great chance to obtain hands-on experience with emerging LoRaWAN technologies. We believe LPWAN technologies such as LoRa, combined with universal sensing, will have evolutional impact to measurement, metrology, and real time…

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