Police officer is found not guilty after a deadly shooting in Milwaukee last summer Video

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And we move onto another headline that broke late today. A verdict tonight after a police shooting that led to protests in Milwaukee. The officer firing and then again after the suspect tosses his gun. Tonight, the jury acquitting him on all charges. And here’s ABC’s senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas with the video. Reporter: It was a deadly encounter with police, over in seconds, caught on an officer’s body cam. Here we see former officer Dominique haeggen-brown pursuing sylville Smith, a suspect armed with a gun. They race around the front of a house to an alley. There you see the gun in Smith’s hand. The officer fires the first shot. The suspect tosses the gun. Less than two seconds later, a second and fatal shot is fired. Smith dies at the scene. The incident last summer sparking riots in Milwaukee. Prosecutors say Smith was defenseless when shot in the chest. The defense claiming the officer feared for his life. Making a split-second decision. Today, a Milwaukee county jury found the former officer not guilty in the shooting last August. The family tonight in anguish over the verdict. We’re not animals. Every time they took a shot, it’s to kill up. It’s to kill you, because a dead man can’t talk. Reporter: But the police chief saying the former officer was vindicated. “A year ago, I told the public I saw nothing in the video that was a violation of law or policy.” Pierre, the police defending that former officer’s actions, but he’s no longer with the force? Reporter: That’s right, David. He was fired for an unrelated reason. He’s the second officer aquilted in the fatal shooting of a black man in less than a week. Exposing raw feelings and deepening divisions between police and some minority communities.

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