Police Departments & Municipalities to Auction Off Seized and Stolen Items through PropertyRoom.com

“At PropertyRoom.com, we strive to provide the best solutions and service options for our clients.” Andrew J. Nash, CEO

In the past two months, twenty (20) Municipalities and Police Departments chose to partner with PropertyRoom.com to auction off their unclaimed stolen, seized or surplus assets and goods. PropertyRoom.com is an online auction site offering “$1 No Reserve” online auctions; bringing more deals to the community and generating income for their partners.


City of Tempe    


Norwood Police Dept.


City of Hopkinsville


Aspen Police Dept.


Rogers Police Dept.

Washington County Sheriff’s Office


Douglas County Sheriff’s Office


Morrow Police Dept.


West Allis Police Dept.

North Dakota

Grand Forks Police Dept.


Marion Police Dept.


Concord Police Dept.

City of La Mesa    


Grants Pass Police Dept.


Calvert County Detention Center


Valencia Community College    


Washington State Patrol

North Carolina

Dunn Police Dept.

Jacksonville Police Dept.


Manhattan Police Dept.    

Goods available cover a wide range, varying from tablets and designer handbags to smartphones and collectible coins, with more in between. The website also regularly auctions surplus municipal cars, trucks and heavy equipment as well as seized vehicles, with all assets open to public bidding nationwide.

Andrew J. Nash, CEO of PropertyRoom.com explains, “At PropertyRoom.com, we strive to provide the best solutions and service options for our clients. We’re excited to bring our new clients into the fold, and look forward to providing returns back to the communities served.”

About PropertyRoom.com

PropertyRoom.com makes it remarkably easy for our 3,000+ clients to manage and sell surplus assets. We streamline the entire auction process on a client’s behalf and deliver to the winning bidder. There is always a unique deal to be found, with hundreds of new auction listings added daily. Top categories include jewelry, watches, collectible coins and consumer electronics along with cars, trucks, heavy equipment, and firearms through a partner website, eGunner.com. Working with law enforcement agencies,…

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