Poetry Book that Gives Inspiration for Every Life Journey

Inspired by his relationship with God, author Ronnie Fletcher pens “Believe: A Book of Spiritual Poems” (published by Xlibris), featuring poems that will cause readers to reflect on life.

“As God speaks with me, I write what I hear. I am also inspired by messages I hear while attending church services and listening to tele-evangelists,” the author shares his book’s inspiration.

Containing spiritual and heartfelt words that will lift one’s spirit, the book will appeal to readers because every page is filled with thoughts that humans experience daily. Some experiences are readily seen; while some are only seen when they are brought to one’s attention. The book also reminds readers that there is a higher power that people believe in.

An excerpt from the book, from the poem “Another Tomorrow,” reads:

While we all dream of a better tomorrow we continue to live

Until we face the fact that tomorrow won’t come if we don’t forgive

Tomorrow never comes because when it arrives it becomes today

Yet we continue to hope for a better night and a new day

So we close our eyes and always look forward without sorrow

Because with hope we are always counting on our own tomorrow

“Believe: A Book of Spiritual Poems”

By Ronnie Fletcher

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 126 pages | ISBN 9781524582210

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 126 pages | ISBN 9781524582203

E-Book | 126 pages | ISBN 9781524582197

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Ronnie Fletcher, a native of the Bronx, is the author of eight published books of spiritual and inspirational poetry. He spent 31 years working as an investigator for the City of New York and the County of Westchester. He retired in 2015. Fletcher is a father and grandfather; a wonderful blessing he never imagined. Fletcher’s passion is to inspire others to realize how blessed they all are by waking up every morning. His mission is to write poems that encourage readers to communicate with each other.

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