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Beckman’s baseball team wrapped up the 10th Beckman World Series last week with the Roadrunners defeating the Coyotes, four games to one to capture the title.

Players on the Beckman team were the coaches. Head coach Kevin Lavalle and his assistants looked on.

The senior captains were Collin Villegas of the Roadrunners and Bret Polley of the Coyotes.

The Roadrunners won the first game, 5-2. The Coyotes took the second game, 1-0. Then the Roadrunners came back to win, 1-0,  2-1 and 5-2 to capture the series.

“It’s just an exciting, competitive way for us to end our summer schedule,” Lavalle said.

“Summer baseball can be kind of a drag and when you play games against other schools it lacks the intensity of a regular season game,” he said. “This is our way of creating a little bit of pressure and fun for the players, but it’s also a great chance for me and my coaches to just sit back and evaluate us against us.

“Coaches love Intra-squad games because it’s takes the element of trying to compete against an unknown opponent away. I also love seeing which seniors handle the leadership roles. They make the lineups and all the substitutions and form all the strategy. Is fun for me to sit back and see them mentally wrestle with the decisions like when to bunt or steal. I really love it when the parents get involved and question the strategy. It makes my day.

“We ask our kids to be leaders, but I believe we need to create opportunities for them to lead, and the Beckman World Series is definitely an exciting challenge for them. They usually realize in about the third inning of game one that they have to take charge.”

The players also had some fun talking about the experience, Lavalle said. He shared their thoughts about the event.

“It’s definitely different when you’re a senior because you have to make decisions like who hits where in the lineup, and you also have to play in the games,” said senior Matt McLain. “But it’s a fun way to end our summer season because it’s just us playing against each other. No scouts, no college recruiters, just playing baseball because it’s fun.”


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