PlateSmart® Announces New Software Upgrade

PlateSmart® a global leader in Vehicle Recognition Identification (VRI) technology, today announced a new software upgrade for its Analytic Recognition Enterprise Solution (ARES) platform, ARES 2.4.5, with many features and enhancements and ARES Insights, 1st business intelligence reporting solution to their arsenal of data analytic tools.

ARES 2.4.5 newest upgrade includes many new features including ARES Insights, Camera Calibration Utility, ARES Core (low cost, scalable solution offering core LPR functionalities with the same vehicle set of information – ideal for 3rd party integration solutions), Edge Dynamic Motion Detection, Region-of-Interest definition in Edge LPR software, integration with Verint VMS, and many more exciting features and enhancements.

ARES Insights, a comprehensive and flexible business intelligence reporting solution enables flexible and powerful data reporting with intuitive data visualization. Insights adds business intelligence capabilities previously unavailable in LPR solutions, including Heat Mapping and traffic/alert pattern analysis. Heat Mapping enables the user to see the geo graphic location of the most vehicle captures and/or alerts are concentrated. Traffic/alert pattern analysis enables user to analyze traffic volume or reported alert counts among selected camera locations to gain real-time situational awareness.

ARES Insights is an On-Demand data reporting web application broken down in 2 main categories; vehicle and alert. The dashboard can be set to auto-refresh to be used in a monitoring capacity for command center operations. The dashboard can be customized to each user to house his/her most frequently used reports for instant information retrieval specifically interested to the user.

ARES Insights has an extensive suite of line graphs, pie charts, and bar…

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