Piece of News About Wire Cable Suppliers

The out-put of wire and cable industry occupies a quarter of China’s electric industry, ranking the second largest industry in China just after the auto industry. The wire and cable industry is called Vessel of National Economy. But what is alarming is that quality of wire and cable products is not very desirable, which needs the efforts of wire cable suppliers.


The recent survey shows that, over 40% of wire cable suppliers once encountered winning the bidding which was less than the cost and experienced bad competition of peer malicious demand. Only to hide their actions, some manufacturers even use good copper to cladding bad copper, steel or aluminum. People often do not have the ability to identify wire and cable products of bad quality.


In the long term, the bad quality of wire and cable products is along with the low entry threshold of this industry and low level of construction. These parts are indivisible. In 2008, the new round of stimulus package becomes the engine of the expansion of wire and cable industry. As a result, this industry is developing in an accelerated pace.


To solve the difficult problems of market order and quality standard of the wire cable products, relevant departments have taken steps and paid high attention to them.


As far as I am concerned, we are supposed to solve these problems by the following steps.


As to the relevant departments, in the first hand, relevant departments should regulate the marketing order of wire and cable industry and build a sound and healthy system of this industry. In the second hand, they are supposed to enhance the efforts of suspension, make severe punishment to those unqualified wire cable suppliers and make large scale rectification to this industry. Last but not the least, we are supposed to launch some big campaigns to contact our customers so that they can acquire some basic knowledge about wire and cable products.


As to our customers, they should buy wire and cable products with the logo of QS. Always greedy of little advantages is not recommendable. They should acquire some basic knowledge about wire and cable products.


As to China wire suppliers and China cable suppliers, manufacturing products with good quality is their duty both for themselves and customers. They ought to try their best to make a balance between the cost and the quality although their purpose is to make profit.

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