Picking the right name for your new born

If you have just given birth to the perfect new born, you want to give him or her, the perfect name as well. We usually find it hard to believe that any name is perfect enough however some do come close. Most of us talking to our families and discussing names before naming the child. Others plan it out with their spouses and decide. You can try looking online at a list of baby names and choose the one you think suits your little bundle of joy. Each name comes with a history. You can name you child based on this history or the meaning that name carries. Astrologers will advise you to choose a name that is compatible.

Your name can be connected to our fate, your personality or other characteristic you have. So, while picking a name, you must think of it as your child’s future. You can browse for names based on the day of birth, letter of the alphabet or the universe.

Meanings of names

While you pick out your perfect name, consider the meaning. The name should suit your child and bring out certain qualities in him. For a child who smiles or likes music, pick something light and energetic as a name. No matter what culture or country, there are many names that carry similar meanings. Always ask what the meanings of names are before you the world. You can check the meanings and spellings as well. There are popular names and unique names. If you do not like the very popular names, go for something unique and unheard of. You can even adjust the spelling as per your own native language before you finally go with it. Be sure to check its compatibility with your child, your surname and your religion or language. Popular girls’ names will include Nina, Pattie, Donna or Sheela. For a boy you can look at Elvin, Naseer, Evan, Leny or Chris.

Unique and special

While choosing you will obviously look at popular names but try looking at the unique ones too. These are guaranteed to stand out. Names like Kiara, Kimberley, Catherine or Osaaka are unique names. Boys’ names will include Claven, Jabez, Dejan, Fadi or Gabor. The meanings of the names are very relevant as well. Unique girls’ names can be found online. They are available on specialised naming websites that also offer you assistance on compatibility, horoscopes based on the name as well as numerology of the chosen name. The list of baby names for boys and girls are usually as per alphabet in the English language. You can check names that begin with a specific alphabet instead of looking through the whole…

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