Physics is the Part and Parcel of Our Day Today Life

Every human being will believe the philosophic view of the truth that every father is sleeping in the heart of a child. Naturally the questions about the creation of the world which is asking a child to his father now, practically the same questions his grand father were being asked by his father earlier. The questions may be the same but the answer is changing day by day due to the development of science and technology. Generally the asking questions of the child almost the same like ; how the Universe is born, why the Sun rising in the east and sets n the west, why Moon can only found in the sky at night, why stars are twinkling in the sky and their explanations are gradually changing day by day due to the improvisation of science. All these things which are related to nature and can be explained scientifically are called Physics, and the way through which the causes of happening is demonstrated or explained is called Physical Science.

Like Universe Physics is a vast subject. There are so many streams which are related to physics. For example: Nuclear Physics deals with the particles like Atoms, Protons electron, Neutron and so on. With the help of these particles it is possible to make devastating bomb like Atom Bomb causes Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan also possible to built atomic power energy which can fulfill the deficit of our future power problem. Astra Physics describe us the astrological position of our planet and their function on the changing behavior of the human beings in their day to day life. Geophysics helps us to find out the natural resources under the earth or water like crude oil, petroleum products or natural gas, coal and other raw material of different metals. Biophysics helps us to manufacture of different antibiotics and flood resistant crops for cultivation to save people from starvation. Biophysics also helps us to manufacture many life-saving drugs in the pharmaceutical company.

Though physics is vast subject but from childhood…

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