Photo captures moment Perth mother Laura Sheehan cradles stillborn baby for the last time

Laura Sheehan will never forget the moment she held her baby boy for the first time.

It’s a moment so firmly etched in her memory it’s one she can always go back to.

And that alone is a comfort.

On June 19, two years ago, Mrs Sheehan and her husband Brett welcomed their son Beau in a hospital in the south of France.

But their beautiful boy was perfectly still, his tiny heart having stopped beating before he was even born.

Beau was born sleeping, and this is Mrs Sheehan’s story.

Laura and Brett Sheehan, of Perth, welcomed their son Beau, who was ‘born sleeping’ on June 19, two years ago

‘On the way back from Ikea. I sat tired and contented with my arms wrapped around my belly feeling the gentle stirrings of my Beau rolling and rocking within me,’ Mrs Sheehan wrote on her blog, The Whole Mummy.

‘He stirred so much for that drive and for most of the night, lively, vibrant,…

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