Pharmed’s Nasal Spa a Hit at Weight Management, Sports Nutrition & Vitamin EPPS

“We will continue to look for ways to expand our influence in the American market going forward,” said Zhao.

Pharmed LLC, a subsidiary of the Chinese company Polycare Technology Co. Ltd. that exclusively distributes a number of different natural products and medical devices, impressed industry players at the Weight Management, Sports Nutrition and Vitamin Efficient Program Planning Session (EPPS).

Taking place in the Sheraton Grand Hotel at Wild Horse Pass in Chandler, Arizona from June 25 to 30, this ECRM event is one of the industry’s top trade shows of the year. Buyers from some of the most important buyers from all channels of the American retail market came to EPPS to meet with sellers. Representatives from showed off the myriad benefits of one of its most-popular products, Nasal Spa® natural nasal spray.

“We never pass up a chance like EPPS,” said Christina Zhao of Pharmed LLC. “In recent months, we’ve been growing our presence in the American market. That’s why it was such a thrill to meet with influential industry players at EPPS. We feel confident they were impressed with our product, Nasal Spa®.”

Pharmed’s Nasal Spa® nasal spray is an all-natural product that includes none of the potentially harmful side effects of traditional over-the-counter medicines. It’s designed for people who are looking to boost immune system health and want to avoid any risks of health complications. This nasal spray contains no other preservatives, chemicals or additives, meaning customers who use it can avoid the burning side effects often experienced with other types of nasal sprays.

Pharmed’s Nasal Spa® nasal spray contains just two ingredients: purified water and natural sea salts. It’s a cleansing, soothing, refreshing product to use because of its simplicity. The sea salts contain important trace elements and certain natural minerals that help improve the body’s immune system and repair the natural mucosa after it has been damaged during illness. This nasal spray combats symptoms like allergies, runny nose, and severe congestion.

“We will continue to look for ways to expand our influence in the American market going forward,” said Zhao. “There’s a demand out there for a holistic nasal spray solution like Pharmed…

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