Pharmed Nasal Spa Available Across a Variety of Online Retail Channels

“There’s a demand in the American market for a pain-free, side-effect-free way to relieve nasal problems,” said Zhao. “Our product delivers on that promise.”

Pharmed LLC, a subsidiary of the Chinese company Polycare Technology Co. Ltd. that exclusively distributes a wide range of products, is making its revolutionary Nasal Spa® spray available throughout the US market.

This all-natural nasal treatment is now available through popular online retailers and natural supplement sites like,,,,, and

“Expanding throughout the American market is the goal of our company,” said Christina Zhao of Pharmed LLC. “Our Nasal Spa® spray is one of our most-popular products and is designed for people who want to naturally relieve a variety of sinus problems. Through partnering with major online platforms, we’ll continue to spread the word about this incredible product to the United States and beyond.”

Nasal Spa® spray is a product popular among all demographics for relieving colds, sinus pressure, runny nose, and other nasal conditions. It is made with only natural sea salts and purified water with no added chemicals or preservatives. Pharmed LLC was founded with the mission of providing customers all over the world with high-quality products and services in the fields of nutrition and medicine. The company now has manufacturers throughout the world and is expanding its presence in the American market.

This completely natural solution has no harmful side effects and doesn’t cause any stinging or burning sensations like many other nasal products. Consumers love that when they buy Nasal Spa® spray, they know exactly what they’re getting. The natural sea salts contain some natural elements and minerals that repair the natural mucosa and restore the immune system during and after a cold. Nasal Spa® is currently the only Pharmed LLC product for sale in America, though more are set to debut soon.

The product is particularly popular with anyone, including babies, the elderly and people with compromised immune systems, can use Nasal Spa® safely to get relief from their nasal issues. Even people who are unable to take traditional medications…

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