Pharmed LLC’s Nasal Spa® Spray Now Available on

“Pharmed’s intention is to continue growing our brand across North America,” said Zhao. “Working with represents a significant step in our strategy.”

Pharmed LLC, a subsidiary of Polycare Technology Co. Ltd. known for exclusively distributing a number of innovative over-the-counter drugs and medical devices, announced its Nasal Spa® spray is now available for purchase on, a major retail platform.

Pharmed’s Nasal Spa® spray is the company’s leading over-the-counter product in US market. The nasal spray is a natural and exclusive formula made of sea salt spray that consumers report offers tremendous benefits. The company is growing globally, with 36 suppliers across Europe, China and the United States. Nasal Spa® is already available through multiple websites including specialty nutritional sites like

Started three years ago, is a rapidly growing e-commerce platform. In 2016, the company became a subsidiary of retail giant Walmart.

“Our new partnership with is great news for the company and for consumers,” said Christina Zhao of Pharmed LLC. “The fact is that people are looking for effective ways to relieve nasal congestion without harmful side effects, which is exactly what our spray does. Because of its simple solution, health-conscious consumers can rest easy knowing exactly what they’re putting into their bodies.”

Nasal Spa® is Pharmed’s first product sold in the United States. The spray is an extremely simple formula of just water and natural sea salt, which ensures customers they are getting a completely natural product that does not contain any additives, such as chemicals, preservatives, drugs or antibiotics. The gentle isotonic natural sea salt solution moistens and protects the lining of your nose without causing any harm to the nasal mucous membrane and bolstering the body’s natural immune system forces.

Customers also report that Nasal Spa® is completely free of the painful stinging often associated with over-the-counter nasal sprays. Users report a clean, crisp, soothing experience after taking the spray. Because of this, the product is completely safe for people of all ages, from babies to the elderly. Even people who suffer from such…

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