Pharmaceutical Social Media: Some Approaches to Consider

It is becoming essential for those in the drug industry to enter the realm of pharmaceutical social media. Each day millions of individuals are using social media platforms to find information, including information regarding health related topics so it is critical to incorporate pharmaceutical social media into your marketing plans. Here are a few new ways to consider using healthcare social media:

*Tweet live. Whether it’s attending a healthcare conference or from the operating room, healthcare organizations should consider tweeting about it live. Tweeting live, which makes for an interesting component to a pharmaceutical social media program, from health industry events and happenings gives insight on the industry to everyone else. This creates positive buzz while raising public awareness for your healthcare organization.

*Participate in Tweet Chats. Tweet Chats feature expert panelists and discussions on a variety of topics. It gives a forum to ask questions and quickly receive answers from multiple experts. Through contributing in Tweet Chats your healthcare organization gains credibility, while fostering relationships with key audiences, which should be a key goal of any pharmaceutical social media progam. For example, there may be a Tweet Chat specifically for those suffering from arthritis. If your healthcare organization is involved with treating or managing arthritis pain, you may be able to offer a spokesperson to act as a panelist in an upcoming Tweet Chat.

*Social media as a training tool. Pharmaceutical social media efforts can be focused internally as a training tool. This can be done through sharing slideshows, video or pictures from training sessions on sites such as YouTube or Flickr. This makes the training more interactive and easily accessible after the session has ended. It might also give the opportunity to your employees to brush up on their training.

*Reaching traditional media. According to a survey reported by PRWeek, “70% of…

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