Petro Poroshenko’s Wife 2014: New Ukraine President’s Spouse Marina is a Doctor

Candy tycoon Petro Poroshenko won Ukraine’s presidential election in the first round with 56% of the vote on Sunday (May 25, 2014). The outcome of the exit poll put the pro-European businessman well ahead of former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who was at a distant second with 12.9 per cent.

“Today we can definitely say all of Ukraine has voted, this is a national vote.” Petro Poroshenko said shortly after the exit polls were released. “The first steps that we will take at beginning of presidential office should be focused on stopping the war, to put an end to this chaos and bring peace to a united Ukraine. When there is a parliamentarian crisis, the only solution in a democracy is early elections.”

Before becoming Ukraine’s new president, Petro Poroshenko was the former Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine and Foreign Minister. The 48-year-old tycoon, who was the seventh richest Ukrainian in 2012, studied international relations and international law in Kiev. When he was in the student residence, he met his wife Marina, who is now a doctor. Currently, the couple have four children together, Olexiy, twins Yevheniya and Oleksandra, and Mykhaylo.

Petro Poroshenko and his wife Marina voted during a presidential election at a polling station in Kiev on Sunday (May 25, 2014). (Photo credit: REUTERS/Mykola Lazarenko/Pool)

Petro Poroshenko (left), his wife Marina (center) and their son Alexey (right) casted their votes in Kiev on May 25, 2014. (Photo credit: Sergei Chuzavkov)

The couple met each other when the businessman was in the student residence. (Photo credit: EPA)

Petro Poroshenko’s wife Marina was a doctor.

Petro Poroshenko and his wife Marina had four children together. Their first son Alexey was born in 1985. Their twins Yevheniya and Oleksandra were born in 2000 and their youngest kid was born in 2001.

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