Petplan Sponsors Grant Program with National Police Dog Foundation

Petplan pet insurance today announced the launch of the National Police Dog Foundation (NPDF) K-9 Health Insurance Grant. The endowment, a joint effort between Petplan and the Foundation, will donate funds to pay for one year of pet insurance for five currently active police dogs and is open to police and other working K-9 units throughout the U.S.

In addition to hereditary health conditions a K-9 officer’s breed may dictate, occupational hazards like gunshot or stab wounds, lacerations, tail injuries, and exposure to highly toxic substances like illegal drugs all threaten a police dog’s health (and a local police department’s budget).

Veterinary care can run in the thousands to treat these types of injuries, so protecting four-footed police with pet insurance like Petplan, which reimburses up to 90% of the bill, makes good fiscal sense for municipalities.

“Police dogs may have the heart of a lion, but their bodies aren’t always so brawny—and they deserve the best protection in return for their years of heroic service,” says Natasha Ashton, co-founder and co-CEO of Petplan. “When Chris and I learned that K-9 units are notoriously underfunded and that police dogs are at risk for shorter and less comfortable lives because of the burden of the cost of their medical care, we knew had to get involved.”

The NPDF K-9 Health Insurance Fund, which is supported by donations, backs the grant awards. While the initial grant is for active working dogs, Petplan and the NPDF plan to expand the program to include retired K-9s, when the burden of their medical care shifts to the adopter. As donations to the Fund grow, more grants will be made available to K-9 handlers.

“Petplan’s support of the K-9 Health Insurance Grant, and their passion for improving quality of life and access to essential veterinary…

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