Petplan Reveals Top Take Your Pet to Work Day “Faux Paws”

Fetch your lint rollers: workplaces across the U.S. and Canada will get their fill of fur on June 22 and 23 during Petplan’s Take Your Cat to Work Day and Pet Sitters International’s Take Your Dog to Work Day®. But before companies open their doors to their four-footed friends, Petplan says HR departments should focus on safety first.

Companies may roll out the red carpet to welcome employee pets during these annual events, but ignoring basic no-no’s can keep an office from being truly pet friendly. Fortunately, Petplan knows a thing or two about keeping pets safe in the workplace: their office is completely pet friendly, allowing employees to bring their pets to work with them every day.

So to help the rest of us keep workpets’ compensation claims to a minimum, Petplan lists the most common mistakes employers make that can put office pets in peril.

Petplan’s Top Five Take Your Pet to Work Day “Faux Paws”

#1: Open trash cans within reach. Pets have a penchant for digging in garbage and eating what they find there (whether it’s food or not!). GI upset is the most common insurance claim at Petplan — and not cheap to treat! To prevent tummy troubles, workers should be sure to keep cans covered. Or better yet: do away with individual trash cans for the day.

Average cost to treat (GI upset): $850*

#2: Foreign objects on the floor. Pens, pen caps, pushpins and other office staples (like staples!) are commonly found on floors, and can become serious and expensive hazards if they get stuck in a pet’s digestive tract (and don’t forget wires and cables that can give pets a shocking experience!). Make sure the cleaning crew does a thorough sweep the night before — or at least have employees sniff around for any stray items before…

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