Personal Fitness Trainer Broadbeach Shares Tips on Battling a Sedentary Lifestyle

Personal Fitness Trainer Broadbeach Shares Tips on Battling a Sedentary Lifestyle

Admit it or not, but most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle either for professional reasons or because of the kind of life we lead. While it may seem comfortable to just sit at one place and do your job, the fact is that continuous sitting for prolonged hours can actually kill you. You must perform at least an hour of exercises under a personal fitness trainer Broadbeach to remain fit and active. In the absence of such expert guidance, you can follow a few simple tricks to remain active throughout the day.

Practice NEAT

NEAT or Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis is one of the best techniques of getting mini-workouts throughout the day irrespective of whether you are active or sedentary. Mini workouts can include simple movements like stretching, bending or walking around your house or workplace. NEAT can help you to further the beneficial effects of training regularly under your Broadbeach personal fitness trainer. You must try to do at least ten minutes of NEAT per hour.

Utilize Common Objects as Workout Tools

You need not always go to a gym or work on equipments as part of personal fitness training in Broadbeach. There are several household items or other objects in your workplace that can be easily used as a workout tool. Use tables and chairs to perform simple exercises like step-ups, planks, push-ups, one-legged squats etc.

All you need is thirty minutes of free time and loads of imagination on ways of challenging your body by using these common articles. All such exercises target your gluteus maximus muscles, quads, core muscles and upper body. They also improve your overall stamina, balance and flexibility.

Even the Slightest of Movements Help

If you always thought that continuous fidgeting is bad manners, now is the time to change that notion. Any kind of movement will work toward burning calories and maintaining a smooth flow of blood. Even if you are busy doing…

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