People Are Eagerly Waiting For The Next Visit Of Halley’s Comet

We always get thrilled whenever we hear something about our universe with all its vast and complex structures. Though it’s difficult to digest all the facts and specifics about the mysterious universe, the study of it can show us our origin, present life and our future. Among others the one that attracted me most was comets, more specifically Halley’s Comet. While other celestial bodies like sun, moon and star mostly appear and move in a predictable path, the comets are bit unpredictable. So man always has some chilling thoughts about comets. In ancient times comets were considered as god’s messengers. Whenever they find a comet they occasionally take it as a good fortune like the birth of a king, otherwise it was taken as a bad omen of disaster. People at that time blamed comets for events like the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius, an outbreak of the black plague, a major fire in New York City and for a massacre of 280 people in Africa.

People came to know more about the comets after British astronomer Edmund Halley predicted the orbit of the Halley’s Comet. To describe his theory Halley used Isaac Newton’s theories on the motion of bodies and gravity and forecasted the course of the comet he observed in 1682. As per his calculation the comet that appeared in 1531, 1607 and 1682, would reappear in 1758. Halley died after 16 years of his prediction that is before he sees the final result of his forecast. And the comet appeared on a Christmas night in 1758, as per his prophecy. From that incident onwards the comet is known by his name as Halley’s Comet and it visits earth once in 76 years.

How Halley came to the conclusion that this particular comet will be visible on the earth once in 76 years? Halley saw that celestial object’s speed increases as it would go closer to the solar system and would slow down when it move away from the center. Moreover a comet would spend major part of its time at the edge of the solar system, rather than in the center of the…

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