PENETRON Helps Scour Salerno Sewage

Membrane on the brain: Initially, a membrane was considered to protect the tanks from the elements. Instead, PENETRON Italy proposed a combination of PENETRON ADMIX and a layer of PENETRON.

The ease and simplicity of the PENETRON System also helped accelerate the construction schedule and save project costs over the previously specified membrane product.

The Salerno wastewater treatment plant in Southern Italy opened on schedule this summer – on August 30th – despite challenging groundwater conditions and an aggressive chemical environment. A combination of PENETRON ADMIX and PENETRON topical material proved the ideal solution.

The Salerno community’s wastewater treatment plant, located just south of Naples on Italy’s renowned Amalfi coast, is one of the first plants in the region to process sewage sludge and purge from sewage and septic tanks. The concrete tanks that carry out the purifying bath are exposed to an extremely hostile environment of the effluent.

Unfortunately, the conditions outside the concrete tanks also quickly became problematic for the project engineer. Confronted with percolating water from aquifers at the construction site and the resulting hydrostatic pressure, the engineer initially considered installation of a membrane to wrap the Salerno plant’s concrete treatment tanks as protection from the elements.

“However, once the complex installation process was reviewed more closely and the extent of the potential costs became obvious, the search for an alternative began,” explains Enricomaria Brac, Director of PENETRON Italy. “They asked us for a solution; we proposed a combination of PENETRON ADMIX and a layer of PENETRON.”

As a crystalline admixture, PENETRON ADMIX is added during batching and provides low permeability, low shrinkage and self-healing properties to the concrete, a highly effective combination for severe groundwater and the aggressive chemical environments encountered in wastewater treatment plants. PENETRON ADMIX was mixed into 200 m3 of concrete used for the foundation slab, the perimeter walls and the roof covering of the Salerno plant.

PENETRON topical material, applied on fresh or existing concrete, provides integral…

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