PDi Communication Systems, Inc. Launches Next-gen Interactive Patient Devices With a New Brand and Simplified Message to Healthcare: medTV Patient Experience On-demand

much more than a great patient TV

medTV delivers: “comfort and a home-like experience” to patients and “easy-to-implement and customizable” benefits to healthcare providers.

To continue their mission of improving patient experience with digital technology, on August 1, 2017, PDi Communication Systems Inc., the nation’s largest manufacturer of healthcare-grade entertainment solutions, unveiled a new brand of interactive patient touchscreen televisions coined medTV®. medTV delivers a meaningful digital experience designed around the patient.

“PDi created medTV to provide patients with a seamless, easy to use tablet and TV in one. Improving patient experience is at the core of everything we do.” says Marisa Vilardo, Product Manager of PDi Communication Systems, Inc. “medTV is much more than a great TV. It provides patients with everything from access to their social networks, games, education, or even picking up where they left off on their favorite binge-worthy TV series.”

“medTV: patient experience on demand” was imagined as the modern, simplified message to quickly convey the benefits medTV delivers: “comfort and a home-like experience” to patients and “easy-to-implement and customizable” benefits to healthcare providers. The new medTV is like a smart phone so it’s easy for patients to understand as soon as they touch it. Yet it is even better since it’s designed for infection control, securely mounted so it won’t be stolen, and it is continuously powered. medTV also offers facility brand customization and is scalable for healthcare providers to add apps and features to improve patient engagement, patient education, and patient satisfaction.

“When creating this product and brand, we focused on simplicity and usefulness,” said Cat Saettel, Marketing Manager. “We asked ‘What provides the most value to patients and their caregivers?’ The PDi team made sure we created a meaningful solution that solves problems instead of creating problems – which technology can often do if not designed well. While medTV is easy-to-use, it is also easy to implement and affordable for smaller community hospitals or health clinics.”

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