Paying tribute to loved ones lost to the opioid crisis

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From Michele Fantasia on Twitter:

“Ashleigh Higson had the biggest heart, the best laugh and the kindest soul. Loved dearly and missed deeply. #organdonor”

PHOTO: Michele Fantasia

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From Beverly Shaw-Kuhn on Facebook:

“Anthony (Tony) L Bishop died 10/15/2015 just 10 days after his 35th. birthday. He struggled with heroin addiction for years. Went to rehab for 13 months is 2006 then relapsed 9 years later and died. It all started when he was in high school. I had no idea! First it was pot, then came pills mixed with alcohol and when that wasn’t enough he went to hard drugs & heroin. He had lost everything he had,his home, car, job, no phone, water, electric. When I finally found him he was sleeping on a bench outside of McDonalds in downtown Louisville, KY. I brought him home with me and tried my best to help him and thought I was getting through to him. He was good at keeping it hid from family. He actually got a job and seemed to be doing better with counseling. Then the one evening we left him alone, he overdosed. No I don’t blame myself, but when you lose a child of any age it’s difficult to cope. He was such a good kid always thinking of others. He was even an organ donor.

I love you Tony, ~Mom~”

PHOTO: Beverly Shaw-Kuhn

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From Deborah Henry on Facebook:

“I lost my beautiful son October 4, 2016. He was 35. He died of heroin/fentynal overdose. I found my son deceased and continue to live with the pain of losing a child.”

PHOTO: Deborah Henry

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From Carol Gagner on Facebook:

“We lost our son 7/06/16. He was a son, brother uncle and a father of 5 year old twin boys.”

PHOTO: Carol Gagner

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From Tanya Bryant on Twitter:

“Willard Bryant, Jr. (BJ or Will), You were the best little brother to Tonnka and me and son to our parents. We miss you!”

PHOTO: Tanya Bryant

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From Ann Marler on Twitter:

“Ryan, 1 of the most charming people I’ve ever known. Easily, you could cheer w/ him, 4 him, and know, he cheered 4 you!”

PHOTO: Ann Marler

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From Ann Marler on Twitter:

“Chelsea, whose spirit was best confirmed in a burst of uncontainable laughter, loved and was loved by so many.”

PHOTO: Ann Marler

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