Patricia Harris and Kermit Washington’s New Book “20-20 the Kermit Washington Story” Is the Fascinating Biographical Record of the Retired NBA Star

Patricia Harris, a writer and author, and Kermit Washington, a retired NBA power forward, have completed their new book “20-20 The Kermit Washington Story”: a gripping and potent autobiographical account of Kermit’s experiences and inner thoughts.

Born in the nation’s capital of Washington DC, Kermit is best known for ‘the incident’ from 1977 while playing in the NBA for the Los Angeles Lakers. To this day when people mention his name, this is the first impression that comes to mind. What is not known to most is the man behind the stigma who has had many positive impacts on the lives of many other people. His journey to clarify the man behind ‘the incident’ and share his many adventures, challenges and obstacles will provide readers with an accurate portrayal of the man, Kermit Washington.

Traveling to Camas, Washington to visit with grandchildren provided Patricia the time and opportunity to record the challenges overcome by Kermit over his lifetime. Conversations led to writing down notes, holding interviews and finally a manuscript to publish. Her goal was to accurately record and portray the many experiences Kermit’s life has experienced with honesty and clarity.

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Patricia Harris’ account about Kermit Washington’s remarkable true story is an autobiographical account of the power forward who played for the Lakers, Celtics, Clippers, Trail Blazers and Warriors. The work expounds on the details of Kermit’s life and the many fascinating stories therein. It provides the reader with an accurate depiction of the challenges he has faced and the inspirational charity he has shown to others.

Walking the scenic hills in Palos Verdes Estates, California, as a form of daily exercise, Kermit met a neighbor and began sharing numerous stories about his life. As this daily routine developed into a mutual friendship, the idea of writing a book was initiated. Although not the first time this idea was suggested, the timing was right and the idea took root and the adventure began.

Noted for his gift of story-telling, the task at hand was to capture details that would engage the reader after reading the first lines in the text to continue reading until the last page of the manuscript. The authors…

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