Patients Unite in a Call for Global Empowerment

Knowledge is at the very core of what constitutes successful and effective patient empowerment.

On Saturday, 2nd December, patient advocates from across the world will rally together to mark the annual Patient Solidarity Day. As a movement, they will be united in a call for global patient empowerment, achieved through knowledge.

Prominent patient organizations across the world are expected to join forces on Saturday to raise awareness of the need for, and benefit of, empowered and informed patients. The campaign, run by the International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations (IAPO), urges decision-makers to demonstrate their commitment patient empowerment.

The Global Colon Cancer (GCCA) is a member of IAPO and a proud supporter of Patient Solidarity Day. The GCCA is the only international non-profit patient organization dedicated to colorectal cancer. The GCCA has been an active voice in the patient, healthcare, and regulatory communities on issues that are important to patients. The vision of the GCCA is to create a global community in which people around the world can unite and fight this disease with one unified voice.

Knowledge is at the very core of what constitutes successful and effective patient empowerment. The extent to which a patient is empowered depends on access to clear, useable information and the ability to accurately assess the credibility of this information. Through the right kinds of knowledge, patients are empowered to exercise their right to become active partners in shaping healthcare.

Patient Solidarity Day, which takes place every year in December, is a day for patient advocates, regardless of disease or condition, geographic location or socio-economic status, to join together in highlighting a key global issue facing patient communities. The Day is a reminder of the global voice that patients have and must use for the benefit of the health system. Around the world, patient advocates mark Patient Solidarity Day by holding a wide range of advocacy activities such as social media debates, marches, health screenings and public talks.

Jolanta Bilinska, IAPO’s Chair, said:

“This Patient Solidarity Day advocates across the world stand united in a call for global patient empowerment. By being informed and…

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