Pat Boone brings his ‘Music & Memories’ to the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano – Orange County Register

Pat Boone picks up the phone and almost immediately starts to marvel that Elvis Presley had died 40 years ago that day, and how their careers began almost at the same point in the mid-’50s, though Boone notes with not just a small note of pride that he got the jump on Elvis at the outset of their recording careers.

“I was six months older but I had an 11-month head start,” the 83-year-old performer says. “And in that 11-month period — I didn’t realize this had happened until years later, and I didn’t believe until I looked at the stats in Billboard and Cashbox – I had six million-selling singles, two of them No. 1.”

And from there, he’s off, riffing on the success his pop covers of R&B songs had – his first chart-topping hit was a remake of Fats…

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