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I read about Target again hiring a lot of people for “part-time” holiday help. I was hired by Target to be part-time holiday help three years ago. At that time I had 25 years of grocery, retail and customer service experience with awards for excellence. Target made it sound like anything was possible there including getting lots of hours of work. I just wanted to warn people who are thinking about applying, that when Target says part-time, they aren’t kidding.

My experience was only getting four to 15 hours a week at minimum wage. And only one week did I get the whole 15 hours. I had to be fully available to work any day of the week to get that 15 hours, that Target spread over three days. The other four days of the week, I didn’t work, hoping Target would call me in. I tried every week to get more hours, but I couldn’t. I have nothing against Target, I like to shop there. I’m just saying if you’re looking to get a job in order to make some money for Christmas, you won’t get it at Target because you won’t get the hours.

— Christy Bultsma, Fullerton

No to DACA

Re: “Should DACA policy on young immigrants be saved?” [Opinion, Sept. 12]: No, because Barack Obama exceeded his authority when he illegally overruled federal immigration law.

No, because Bill Clinton said the same things Trump did in his 1995 State of the Union address, for which Congress gave him numerous standing ovations.

No, because Hillary Clinton said the same things Trump did in 2016 — “we are a nation of laws.”

No, because Democrats are simply pandering to divisiveness and race warfare, as always.

— John Jaeger, Irvine

A nation of laws

The DACA controversy is a difficult issue. It requires a pretty cold heart to avoid empathizing with the young people who will have their lives changed drastically. However, if we really are a “nation of laws,” we need to enforce those laws consistently, and without regard for individual circumstances.

The opponents of deportation have adopted the phrase, “They’re here through no fault of their own.” That may be true, but it’s certain that it’s not the fault of American citizens, either, and we citizens are paying not only for their well-being with our taxes, but now Californians are on the hook for another $30 million for “illegal immigrant defense funds.”

I also think that the “Dreamers” are using the wrong tactics in their battle to stay. Mexican flags, dares and insulting signs written in Spanish…

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