Parents Television Council president says explicit media content is driven by money

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Tim Winter, the president of Parents Television Council, talks about the harmful effects of media in the documentary “Captivated.”

It was during a normal day at home with his then-5-year-old daughter that Tim Winter realized that someone needed to make a change.

Winter was between jobs, so while his wife worked full time, he stayed home to care for their daughter. As he sat with her that day — her eyes glued to the TV but his mind elsewhere — he jumped to his feet in shock.

“I had one of those moments that I think so many parents experience,” Winter said during a recent interview with the Deseret News. “All of the sudden you hear something and you look and you go, ‘Holy cow! What’s going on here?’ and you run to the remote control and change the channel, hoping innocence wasn’t lost.”

“It was that (moment) that really kind of shook me and made me more aware,” he said. “Children are bombarded, and now in a digital media world with cellphones and such, it’s 24/7. Children are being bombarded 24/7 with media communication, and much of that communication is totally age inappropriate.”

It was around the same time as this realization that Winter learned about the Parents Television Council, an organization that advocates for “safe and sound” media by protecting children and families from explicit content, and heard the organization was looking for a new executive director.

He got the job and after four years was promoted to president, a position he has been in for more than 10 years. Fifteen years after that life-changing incident in his home,…

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