Panel Built Construction Tech Trends for 2018

Currently, the construction industry faces a variety of issues that have stifled the many projects and raised concerns from the general public. One of the biggest issues facing the industry in 2017 is an overall shortage of laborers that are considered “qualified” construction workers. Another major issue is the glaring number of fatal work injuries that the industry faces is highest among any sector in the United States. And finally, construction projects has grown increasingly intricate, causing contractors to underestimate the time it will take to complete the project on time and under budget. So, what will 2018 bring to help resolve these issues?

Cutting Edge Robotics

One of the ways the construction industry will try to address their issues with skilled labor is with cutting edge robotics to streamline and standardize many of their work processes. There have already been great advances in this avenue of construction. Already in 2017, robotic bricklayers have been manufactured to correctly lay up to 3000 bricks per day, equal to six times faster than a typical bricklayer. By using a combination of a conveyor belt, robotic arm, and concrete pump, this cutting-edge machine will not be able to fully take over a construction site but could offer a construction company huge efficiencies, when used in the right scenarios. These types of robots have only just started to be used in major construction projects.

So, why has this trend not already taken off? So far, the technology and reliance on these machines is still relatively new to the sector. As mentioned in the intro, many general contractors are hesitant to adopt new technologies or new ways to complete projects, not to mention having to make a giant investment to do so. Plus, relying solely on a relatively new piece of equipment to lay 10,000’s of bricks for you is a bold move, to say the least. However, as these types of construction robots prove themselves more and more, work out their kinks, and skilled laborers become scarcer, a larger number of companies will be willing to make this plunge into the new age of construction robotics.

Internet of Things

As everyone has heard, the Internet of Things is going to revolutionize everything: the manufacturing sector, retail, construction, even each individual household. Currently,…

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