Palm Beach State College A Brighter Place Thanks To AG National Electric

The campus facilities staff and administration are extremely pleased with the results.

The Palm Beach Gardens campus of Palm Beach State College has gotten brighter with the installation of LED lighting on its well-travelled campus walkway. Lighting levels were unsatisfactory due to failing high intensity discharge (HID) fixtures. “Palm Beach State College places strong importance on providing a dependable, secure campus during all hours of operation, and especially at nighttime,” says Gavin Junk, project manager for AG National, who supervised the project “When the facilities director called, we put together a plan to resolve the issue.”

Junk, working with Chief Lighting Application Engineer Jason Ernstam of LED Corporations, faced some interesting hurdles. “They have forty-eight 400W HID fixtures evenly placed throughout the walkway. The ballasts were breaking with greater frequency, and there were dark spaces,” says Ernstam. “The light levels weren’t great. I am sure it was a concern for students traveling that path at night.”

Ernstam and Junk faced several obstacles in creating a solution that would meet required light levels of at least one-foot candle per minimum across the walkway. Furthermore, the work had to be completed during weekends to avoid students, faculty and staff milling around the work site. As safety is always a primary concern, strict safety standards were adhered to during the installation process.

Choosing the proper fixture with considerations to beam angles, light distribution patterns and lumen output was the first step. “It became immediately clear that replacing the forty-eight existing fixtures with LED pole lights alone would not produce the minimum light level required,” says Ernstam. By working with photometric data including .IES files and CAD programs, Ernstam determined that eighteen additional pole-mounted fixtures were essential in producing the desired foot-candles and delivering the results Palm Beach State College desired.

“We were replacing decades old 400-watt metal halide fixtures. You can imagine the corrosion and years of dirt and dead bugs,” says Ernstam. “We wanted to use a fixture that’s built to last. To ensure many years of service…

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