Pallet truck scale – weigh as you move

To the lay person doing something on the go may no longer appear to be enough reason to be impressed. After all over the last few decades we have been able to do more and more things on the go. Mobile phones enable us to talk to others on the go and internet connectivity and laptops enable us to do work on the go. And I can go on about how many other things it has become possible to combine and do more than one thing at the same time.

But the challenge on doing something on the go can be a stiff one if what you are doing in the first place while moving is a tough enough task. Which is what a pallet truck does. It lifts very heavy objects and moves them around easily as desired and then it cal place them where we want. Lifting and moving heavy objects is not easy because the balance of the truck has to be maintained even as the heavy objects are being moved around. The lifting mechanism should also be able to withstand the jolts and shaking that will happen as the pallet truck passes over less that perfect surfaces.

And now imagine we add another task for the pallet truck to do as it is lifting and moving heavy objects. Which is to measure the weight of the object being moved to an acceptable level of accuracy. You can imagine that this makes it very challenging indeed. The weighing mechanism should be such that it is possible to mount it on the pallet truck without compromising its ability to lift and move objects. And the vibration levels of the truck should be low enough so that the weighing system can deliver an accurate reading.

The fact that combining the functions is a challenging task is the reason why only select high quality manufacturers make reliable pallet jack scales. They have specialized trucks with low vibration levels. And they use high quality load cells that can withstand weighing heavy loads regularly. You can know more at

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