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Leaders Deny Strife Caused Departures From Politico

Photo “I have been at this a decade, and I have my own ambitions,” Jim VandeHei, executive editor and a founder of Politico, said of his decision to leave the publication. Credit T.J. Kirkpatrick for The New York Times In recent weeks, the staff at Politico noticed nearly all of its bosses — including the […]

The best of Lidl's new cheap and chic French wine range

• Telegraph Wine from Waitrose: Browse our range of French wines under £7 What Lidl has done is incredibly old-school. Strange wines are most often sold by grape and exotic country, and bottled under own-label as a way of holding the cautious drinker’s hand. Lidl by contrast has gone for obscure French regions. “I didn’t […]

People no longer allowed to buy and sell guns through Facebook, Instagram

Facebook prohibited global users from co-ordinating person-to-person private sales of firearms on its online social network and its Instagram photo-sharing service on Friday, countering concerns that it was increasingly being used to circumvent background checks on gun purchases. The move comes as the United States debates the issue of access to guns after a string of […]

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