Overdyed Rug – Why it is Best Rug for Your Home Decor?

Recently I decorated my home with various colors and paintings but they were not giving the look that I want exactly I want to give my home a vintage look that time I researched a lot and finally I got an idea through my friend who is working for rug company. He gave me an idea why I am not decorating home with carpet, he told me about various carpets finally I choose Over dyed Rug because it is the most decent and antique rug and gives the perfect antique look to your home.

 When I went for visiting his factory he showed me many rugs like Moroccan, area, contemporary, killim all rug were really beautiful and I was amazed to see the work on the rug, because the work on rug is really different and unique.

 All rugs show the civilization of its region like Moroccan carpet shows the art Moroccan culture and its divided in five major families like Killim family, Royal family, Beni ourain family, Antique family and Glaoui family. It was interesting to know about rugs families and story behind its art. Basically develop by nomadic clan and they develop these rugs to face rough desert life.

Behind developing a rug there is a long process, first of all they require fresh wool after that need a carpet design they weave the rug on the base of design, the process of weave is quite hard and is really long process indeed.

 After weave of wool the carpet goes in dye process and it gives the carpet original look. Process of dye for overdyed rug is quite long, because this rug known for its dyed quality.

When I saw the process of dye of an over dyed rug I was surprised because a rug goes 4 to 5 times for dye process and after completion of dye it gives decent look.

 After watching all these process I decided to buy over dyed rug because it was looking different from other rugs, I bought a Turquoise Over dyed wool rug when I decorated it to my living area it was really great experience for me to get an original rug for my home. When I invited my friends and relative for…

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