Overcoming Obstacles to Achieving Your Goals

“It has been my philosophy that difficulties vanish when faced boldly,” said great writer and intellectual Isaac Asimov. When we set goals, we can be pretty certain that we’ll face obstacles, the questions are whether we can pinpoint what they are and then bravely meet them head on.

If you’ve arrived at the conclusion that you can live your life with a much greater sense of purpose and responsibility if you set daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and lifetime goals, then you’ve already made a valuable discovery.

Go for those goals using the SMART method – which refers to goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound – then you’re on your way, right? What can stop you then?

To begin with, you can get in our own way. For example, say you set a goal to earn a teaching certificate to become an educator, but the goal is not something that deep in your heart you want to achieve; it’s something a well-meaning family member or friend suggested would be a good path for you. If that scenario is the case, then your goal is ill founded with a built-in obstacle.

Perhaps you’ve mapped out a goal of becoming an attorney that is doable but so restricts your time for anything else that you’ll be in the library during key moments of your children’s lives, leading to regret.

Once you do find a goal that you truly want to achieve, you can apply strategies to rise above the challenges.

In setting goals, you’ve already shown determination and courage. You’ve decided that you’re not going to let life just happen to you. Even so, you likely will have to face fears brought on by past failures or discouraging words from naysayers. 

This brings us to attitude. A positive attitude is essential to overcoming the obstacles that will threaten to stop you in reaching a goal. You must visualize yourself achieving what you want. Read biographies of others who have done exactly what you want to do. Talk to people who will encourage you in your quest.

Think of how…

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