Outdoor Pet Water Fountain Is a Great Investment

Pets like to drink new, running water any person who has a cat will have, at some time, found them drinking out of the faucet and who hasn’t seen a dog happily lapping water from the end of the hose pipe in the backyard during summer? Pets at times need to be encouraged to drink more water to stop them from becoming dehydrated. This is particularly crucial if they are fed on a dry food diet. Elder dogs particularly need to drink a lot to aid their kidney function. Sufficient water intakes as well aids prevent urinary infections. If you are in any way worried that your pet may not be drinking a sufficient amount of new water, an outdoor pet water fountain is an excellent way to push him. But, as with anything else, though veterinarians recommend them, a few drinking fountains are way better than others so you need to know what you are searching for before you purchase.

The primary thing to do before making a purchase is to take a look at customer reviews online. These can be very informative and positively give you with details you will not find in the sales talk. The first thing to choose is the material of the drinking bowl part of the fountain. Bacterial infections can be caused by bacteria hang about in the scratches that unavoidably develop on plastic bowls. This is a particular problem for cats as they can get feline acne on their chins from these bacteria. Most clients choose stainless steel or ceramic pet fountains and actually, these are the ones recommended by veterinarians.

Another thing to inspect on is how quiet the motor for the pump is in the fountain you are considering. Cats in specific can be put off drinking if the unit is earsplitting. Dogs do not seem to mind so much, however, you do not desire you’re pets to be frightened to drink the clean water you have given. The next thing to consider is how easy the unit is to clean and this can be a make or break decision. Choose a unit that is simple, if you select a unit that is difficult to clean,…

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