Otus Releases Enhanced Google Integration and Over 50 Additional Updates to K-12 Student Performance Platform

Otus unifies K-12 school communities around a common teaching and learning platform.

By putting teachers, students, school leaders, and families on a common teaching and learning platform, students are more organized, teachers are more efficient, school leaders are more informed, and parents are more connected.

The notion that teachers and school leaders have the summers “off” never sits well with teachers and school leaders. Anyone who knows an educator will tell you that this myth is simply not true. Otus, the fast growing edtech company, certainly didn’t have a summer off either.

Otus, based in Chicago’s West Loop area, today announced the release of over 50 enhancements to their Student Performance Platform further disrupting the idea that legacy learning management systems, assessment platforms, data warehouses, and one-off edtech tools can only exist as disconnected solutions as opposed to a single, unified, teaching and learning platform in today’s classrooms.

With these updates, the team at Otus (many of whom are current or former teachers and school/district leaders) believe that teachers can finally implement initiatives like differentiated instruction and data-informed instruction that their districts have been working on for years, simply because teaching and learning tools are interconnected.

The new enhancements, while coexisting on a single platform, fall into one of three categories. Some of the most exciting enhancements include:

K-12 Classroom and Learning Management

  • Enhanced integration with Google so that students are able to preview a grading rubric and access GSuite tools within Otus, teachers can view the rubric side-by-side with a live GSuite app, teachers can share unique copies, view only copies, or edit only copies of GSuite apps, and all users can have direct access to Google Drive directly within Otus
  • The ability to embed third-party content (i.e. NearPod, YouTube, Newsela, etc.) directly within the platform and share it with different students or student groups for a seamless experience with Otus
  • A new way to individualize the lessons, assessments, and learning resources students receive using data from 3rd Party data

K-12 Assessment Management

  • The ability for…

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