OtterBox Defense Universe S4 Event Review

The OtterBox Samsung Galaxy S4 Defender situation delivers much of safety for the Galaxy S4 thanks to multiple layers and easy on bit to protect the screen.

Like all OtterBox scenario, the Galaxy S4 Defender series provides some bulk, but also for the additional bulk, consumers get a built-in screen protector, protection from dust and drops and a clip.

The situation contains a beginning for the IR port, so customers can still control their HDTV with Watch On and covers for most other areas.

The OtterBox Galaxy S4 Defender Series event is an excellent match for users that need extra protection, including S4 owners that function in building, out in the industry or about dust and dirt. It’s also a great option for users that are difficult on their phone while operating, biking or spending a wild night out on the city..

Unlike past OtterBox circumstances that came in restricted color options, OtterBox presents 15 options for your Galaxy S4 OtterBox Defender situation, and lets users build their very own having an online choice to get a perfect color combination.

Adding the OtterBox Galaxy S4 event on is easy, and after you have the hang of removing the little videos that keep consistently the hard-plastic coating tight, therefore is removing it. The internal part is just a rigid plastic and the outside slipcover acts as support an a simple to grip surface.

The case covers the strength and volume buttons, and plugs the receiving interface and headphone jack with a small bit of silicone. This isn’t waterproof, however it does help maintain water, dust and soil out. There is a little opening in a wide opening at the very top, and the screen defender for your real home key to keep carefully the earpieces and multiple sensors UN-impeded and open.

It’s simple to use all the buttons and capabilities of the Galaxy S4 during the OtterBox Defender Series case, and I didn’t come across any difficulties using the Samsung voice, motion and special controls with the case…

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