Ortus Solutions Confirms Commitment to Keep ColdFusion CFML Language Modern and Current

Now more than ever we are committed to keep our framework and the language behind it, ColdFusion CFML, modern and relevant.

Ortus Solutions, Corp announced today its commitment to further invest in ColdFusion CFML programming language and continue to steward the ColdFusion CFML open source community with the creation and support of modern open source tooling, containerization strategies and developer processes.

The announcement was made in light of an erroneous perceived uncertainty about the future of ColdFusion CFML within the developer community and companies relying on ColdFusion CFML for their core and collateral business processes. “We are the company behind ColdBox, the leading Open Source ColdFusion (CFML) MVC development framework, CommandBox, the ColdFusion (CFML) CLI, package manager and JVM container server manager, and it is important for us to make sure that our community is fully aware, that now more than ever, we are committed to keeping our tooling and the language behind it, ColdFusion CFML, alive, modern and relevant,” said Luis Majano, CEO of Ortus Solutions. He expanded by saying that “The ColdFusion CFML tooling TODAY is up to par to any modern programming language and even much further ahead in the areas of server management and what we call JVM containerization and portability.”

The Ortus Solutions Team followed to present the latest on Ortus open source tools initiatives empowering developers and companies to modernize their web applications, development environments using implementation strategies such as deploying JVM containers with remote orchestration, load balancing, CLI integrations, Distributed Modular CMS (ContentBox), ColdFusion CFML engine portability with Docker, automated deployments, automated testing, and RESTFul micro-services.

Ortus Solutions Lead Developer, Brad Wood, went over the company’s plan to widespread the usage and adoption of ColdFusion CFML to maintain community growth and maximize open source collaboration. He presented the Ortus University initiative as part of the integral process of training developers on how to implement best development practices and take modern approaches to solve their development problems. He touched on the benefits of coordinating the…

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