Organizational Behavior- The Essential thing in an Organization

The one thing that many of us know is that working in an organization requires certain rules and regulation that need to be followed. Not like the traffic or other rules that you follow in your day to day life. But there are some standard rules that you need follow at the office. You cannot term them as rules, but a code of conduct. In a sense, this code of conduct can be termed as organizational behavior.

Just like how fastest internet is a common knowledge among people, in the same way organizational behavior is a common knowledge in the area of individuals, groups, and structure within an organization. This behavior contributes to the efficiency, and effectiveness of a job. It lays down the do and don’ts in a job. While working in an organization, there is a need to behave among your colleagues and managers. You need to be polite, frank, open-minded and try to have the uncanny quality of listening. You cannot be short tempered, impatient, and rude. These qualities are non-ethical and provocative. They may make you unpopular and avoidable character among your superiors and subordinates.

Being a hated character is not good if you have the inbuilt and the dying need to become successful. Many of us have the urge to become successful and reach the topmost position of an organization. To do so, we need to follow the desirable organizational behavior. It could create and command respect from the people we mingle daily. Sometimes others will admire us and will want to follow our footsteps. Frankly, having a good organizational behavior will draw the attention of your superiors and managers. This could be a good thing for your career and future.

One of the most important and broad-based challenges facing organizations today is adapting to people who are different. Organizations are becoming more heterogeneous in regards to gender, race, and ethnicity. Even to an extent, it is becoming impossible to understand and make people adapt the behavior of the people as per…

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