Orange County surfer Kanoa Igarashi beats 3-time champ Mick Fanning twice after re-surf at Hurley Pro – Orange County Register

No one wants to go up against a three-time world champion twice.

Kanoa Igarashi, a 19-year-old surfer from Huntington Beach, admits he came into Thursday’s action at the Hurley Pro with nerves, and “pretty pissed.” The previous day, he had seemingly won a heat against one of his heroes, Australian Mick Fanning, until judges determined a new priority rule was breached at the start of the event and the pair were forced to re-surf the heat.

“I was super bummed about it,” Igarashi said. “It was a really stupid thing that happened.”

But he tried to take it as a positive — an extra 30 minutes in the water with only one other surf out, and some extra social media followers after the hotly debated decision by the World Surf League.

And while the re-match was slow, with the ocean going flat, Igarashi was able to earn a high score of 8.33 early in the heat that would eventually help him earn the win against Fanning, who was only able to get a 6.73 score.

“It was small, it was a super slow heat. The first wave, like yesterday, was the one that made a difference,” Igarashi said. “I just wanted…

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