OpenBOM Introduces Automatic Upload of CAD and PDF Data to Cloud File Storage Platforms Connected to a Bill of Materials


This product could have a profound impact on our business.

OpenBOM, the first real-time Bill of Materials and Inventory Management system for engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain, integrated and capable of extracting Bills of Materials from CAD systems now offers users the ability to extract and link CAD data in a Bill of Materials (BOM) to the cloud storage of cloud file storage providers. By doing so, OpenBOM closes an often cited gap not available in any desktop CAD or [Cloud] PDM system. Moreover, OpenBOM now makes it easy and practical for desktop CAD system users to cloud enable their CAD design and data. This gives them the benefits of storing and sharing 3D CAD files and auto generated neutral file formats in the cloud for sharing and collaborating with remote team members, contract manufacturers, and suppliers. Features introduced with this announcement include:

  • Ability to automatically link items in a BOM to general purpose file cloud storage providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive,, and OneDrive;
  • Automatically link to items in a BOM to specialized cloud storage systems such as Onshape;
  • Generate BOMs directly from within SOLIDWORKS and automatically share them using a specialized 3D CAD platform such as Onshape creating a cloud BOM with links directly connected to Onshape storage; and
  • Provide desktop CAD system users the ability collaborate across teams and organizations using advanced cloud technology.

“With this announcement OpenBOM breaks new ground by providing engineers using SOLIDWORKS or other desktop CAD systems,” said Oleg Shilovitsky, CEO and cofounder, “ the ability to upload CAD and PDF data to cloud file storage connected to their bills of materials, share them amongst teams which include contractors, suppliers, and other vendors and collaborate in real-time.”

“OpenBOM provides us with tools to create and maintain BOMs while staying connected using cloud services”, said Joe Bassett, President of Dawn Equipment, “I think this product could have a profound impact on our business.”

“OpenBOM closes some important gaps in and between Bills of Materials, Cloud PDM, and ERP,” said Jim Brown, President of Tech-Clarity, “by…

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