Only 22 Years, 364 Days Old? Come Back Tomorrow

Ms. Moseman Wadler and Mr. Porter met on in August 2009, only to discover that they were next-door neighbors in the small town of Hanover, N.H.

She was 22 and had moved to the neighborhood only two months earlier, and though she had liked Mr. Porter’s profile, she never thought she would get a chance to meet him.

Mr. Porter, who was eight years her senior and had what he called “a long history of striking out with women on that site,” posted a disclaimer that read: “Not interested in anyone under 23.”

Rather than click out of his life, Ms. Moseman Wadler decided to play the waiting game. Upon turning 23 the following month, she sent him a note: “Hey, I acknowledge that I’m at the bottom of your age range,” she wrote, “but I’d like to meet you.”

Mr. Porter, who was about to close his account, decided Ms. Moseman Wadler was worth meeting. After a few electronic exchanges, he picked up the phone and set up a first date at an Italian restaurant in Hanover.

“She turned out to be a wonderful person, a genuine, kind soul,” he said. “We had many things in common, and I appreciated her great intellect.”

They began dating steadily, and Ms. Moseman Wadler began to realize that Mr. Porter was worth the wait. “He’s a very warm person,” she said. “He’s incredibly generous, and the kind of person who takes a real interest in what other people are saying to him.”

Two years later, Mr. Porter decided to move in with her, but they barely saw each other as his job with a professional services software company kept him trotting around the globe.

Though he had racked up nearly a million frequent flier miles, Mr. Porter realized he wasn’t earning many points with Ms. Moseman Wadler, so they mapped out a plan that included quitting their jobs and traveling the world.

In October 2013, they set out on a journey that took them to 27 countries in 10 months, a tour that included driving around New Zealand in a camper van, hiking the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal and enjoying food from the carts of street vendors in Thailand and Vietnam.

“There were some growing pains on that trip for sure, and we quietly acknowledged that if things didn’t work out then we probably weren’t going to make it,” Mr. Porter said.

“But after spending 24 hours a day together, for 10 months, in close quarters and in constant contact, we certainly learned how to deal with each other in so many different…

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