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Two out of three people who have shopped online over the last year suffered from lost or damaged parcels and late deliveries, according to new research by Citizens Advice. 

All too often those who paid extra for guaranteed next day or named-day delivery were let down on their doorstep.

As the summer sales get underway, here are your rights if your delivery goes astray.

Few things are more frustrating than waiting at home for a parcel that never comes, aside from then receiving a note through the door saying you had missed the delivery. 

Almost three out of 10 online shoppers say this has happened to them in the last year. 

Despite feeling let down more than half of shoppers did not take any action if their parcel was late, while one in three who received a damaged parcel failed to complain.

Worryingly, 40 per cent of those who did report problems ran into difficulty contacting the retailer or delivery company on the phone, the survey of 2,000 shoppers showed. 

Half were unsure about who was responsible for the safe arrival of their parcel in the first place. Parcels that had been left in rubbish bins were another common problem. 

In several cases the bins were then emptied and when aggrieved customers complained the retailer denied responsibility.

Citizens Advice chief executive Gillian Guy says if your order is missing, late or damaged it is the retailer’s fault and they must put it right: “The retailer is ultimately responsible for getting orders delivered to you, not the parcel company.”

If you did not agree a specific delivery date, your package should arrive within 30 days of ordering. 

You have the right to cancel and claim a full refund if it does not appear within that time.

If you paid extra for a premium delivery you can claim a refund for some of the costs, but unfortunately not all, as legally retailers only need to refund the cost of the cheapest delivery option. 

This means you may not get all your money back.

It is the retailer’s responsibility to make…

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