One of the United State’s Oldest Parks is Becoming one of its Greenest Parks

San Diego Museum of Man
Gold in 2016

Balboa Park, San Diego announces it is now home to ten (10) U.S. Green Building Council LEED Buildings…

Balboa Park, San Diego announces it is now home to ten (10) U.S. Green Building Council LEED® Buildings, as part of the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership’s (BPCP) vision to become an exemplar of sustainable practices. To explore Balboa Park’s LEED buildings, click here.

Parks around the globe have been exploring sustainability through climate change adaptation strategies, energy and water efficiencies, waste reduction and community resilience. Several years ago, San Diego Gas & Electric, the City of San Diego and BPCP recognized a need for its cultural crown jewel, and one of the nation’s oldest urban parks, to stay current with the environmental initiatives that have become standard in today’s world. Less than 10 years later, the collaboration of these and other partners reached noteworthy achievements:

  • Ten (10) buildings, dating back as far as 1911, are now LEED certified and showcase diversity of buildings with smaller environmental footprints.
  • Energy retrofits saves over 9 million kWh, the equivalent of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from 1,450 passenger vehicles for one year.
  • Water retrofits of existing buildings’ indoor plumbing fixtures save 3.2 million gallons of water annually, the equivalent of nearly 5 Olympic swimming pools.
  • Sustainability education has reached over 9,000 visitors and staff through behind the scenes tours, a pop-up sustainability exhibit, workshops and trainings.

This is a significant milestone given Balboa Park’s aging infrastructure, limited maintenance funding, quantity and diversity of stakeholders and varied community…

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