One Great Option For Cleaning Your Hearing Aids

There are many tools and techniques out there, and many places to buy those tools to keep your hearing devices clean and in proper working order. One has be careful to only take advice or buy tools from a hearing specialist you know and trust. These devices along with their accessories and other equipment are often custom-made, or work best on a certain type of product.

Have your hearing aid provider help you with all this information and guide you through the process. They can help you understand all your options and get the products best suited to you.

One great option is a dry aid kit for cleaning your device. This kit comes complete with silica crystals that work to help end any moisture in your hearing aid. At night when you remove your device from your ear take the battery out of the unit. While keeping the battery compartment open, place the hearing device on the top part of the foam found in the desiccant.

Seal the lid and let it sit in there overnight. In the morning, you will need to remove the hearing aid and begin cleaning any wax off of the unit. Wipe the surface of the unit with a tissue. This helps to end any wax that has built-up on the outside of the unit. If you were to try to remove the wax from your hearing aid after you first take it out, it would be softer and a lot more difficult to remove. However, when you let it sit overnight it hardens and creates an easier environment to safely remove the build-up.

Next, you need to make sure that the speaker and vent are free of any wax. There is normally a tool included with this kit that allows you to get in there and clean it out properly. When you are using the wax loop you need to make sure that you do not insert it any farther than needed or else you could end up damaging your speaker. Take a quick glance and see if there is any wax on the speaker and if there is do a gentle flick to get it off of the speaker.

You can also use the included brush for your cleaning needs. Holding the hearing aid…

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