ONE 24 – A Retirement Plan Review

With state and federal retirement plans now in jeopardy, many people in this country are beginning to look at other options for retirement. One of those options to review is to become active in Multi Level Marketing companies or with Online Marketing, and set up a residual income for the future. One of the primary companies which people are turning to in this field is called ONE 24, and it features 3 main points which make it attractive: generous profit sharing with members, a simple program with a solid product, and high potential for future growth worldwide.

Very few companies in network marketing have ever been worthy of consideration as a primary vehicle for a retirement program. Any company which is entitled to that honor must have longevity, and that begins with a great product, and ends with solid training for its members. This is one of the strong points of ONE 24 because the product is an all natural Superfood, comprised of 30 different fruits and vegetables, containing plenty of protein, vitamins, and minerals. With no artificial ingredients Natraburst and a delicious fruit/berry flavor, One24 has a product which has already drawn praise from the healthfood community.

However, what drives this company and makes it a viable retirement program for many, will be the business opportunity and compensation plan. On his opening video of the company website, One24 owner Mark Seyforth discusses his 18 month program whereby anyone has the potential to earn $100,000 or more. That plan which is clearly detailed in his company video, involves each member finding just 3 other members to purchase the product and join the company as a PC, or preferred customer.

Not every MLM company can produce a superior product or a superior compensation plan, however ONE 24 has put together a package which many industry leaders are calling innovative. With no retirement plan being completely safe today, at least ONE 24 is offering an alternative to the uncertain future of…

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