On-demand Shoe Manufacturing with Mass Customization via 3D Printing

Feet are different from person to person as well as with the same person from the left to right foot. This 3D printed custom-made sandal is created based on the 3D foot scan done directly on a person’s foot or foot impressions. Therefore each sandal is tailored to each person’s unique foot to match the plantar contour shape as well as the foot length and width.

The sandal itself is created by using a full-length 3D printed custom midsole, a custom outsole and conventional sandal uppers. For consumers, such 3D printed custom sandals will be a bespoke product which fit perfectly to his/her feet to provide ultimate comfort and the right amount of arch support to improve balance and to distribute the body weight more evenly because they are printed from impressions or scans of your own feet. For those who are using foot orthotics to manage their foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, metatarsalgia and leg length discrepancy, a prescription from a medical practitioner (podiatrists, chiropractors and pedorthist…) can be also incorporated into the 3D printed midsole to create functional orthotic sandals.

The following steps are taken to bring the world’s first custom sandals with a full-length 3D printed midsole into life: (1) foot scan directly on a foot or a foot casting; (2) automatically create a digital model of a custom midsole based on the foot scan data with/without a prescription; (3) virtual fit the midsole digital model with the foot scan data on a computer screen to see if any modification is needed; (4) 3D print the midsole by using a flexible material on a desktop 3D printer; (5) assembly the outsole, the newly printed midsole and sandal uppers together to complete the entire manufacturing process. In addition, the foot scan data is saved into a database for future orders.

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